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About Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (OAAN) is over 83 years now (from 1928 to 06-Sep-2013 ). During that period (1928) it started as Double and Quad Crown Posters on the wall. There were also few metal signs which was commonly on good years tyres, (WEST AFRICA PUBLICITY 1928 AUGUST). In the 50s, other sizes of structures like 8 sheets, 1b sheet and few bulletin boards at Iddo were erected for such clients as Nigeria Tobacco company, Nigeria breweries and Langucy stores.

In 1957 all billboards on railway property was landed to MRS Freemont. Railways having set up an Outdoor Advertising department in 1956. In July 1958, Messrs J.W Mills, Chairman and Managing Director of Mills and Rockleys, a U.K based outdoor advertising company and Mr. G.C Campbell of Franco Signs Limited visited Ibadan, Kaduna and Enugu with the writer for on-the-spot assessment of the of the country’s potentials.

A year later Afromedia Nigeria Limited was registered precisely on the 28th October, 1959. West Africa publicity which was the first outdoor changed it’s name to Lintas Nigeria Limited with the new management staff in Afromedia limited Mr. D. M. Casey. Outdoor started in earnest and then the first 40 sheet was erected at the junction of Apapa road and denfor street with number LA 1 and a 16 sheet board was erected on the wall of 4 custom sheet corner of phoenix lane numbered LA2.

The Manager called M. D. Redman brought in Afromedia in about 1961. Proper documentation of all billboards giving such details as date of erection, landlordís name, address of billboards, annual payable to landlord or local government council and campaign in 1963. Mr. Kelly of Afromedia commission media research, which result gave credence to the posters medium in Nigeria in terms of coverage during the same period. Mr. Kelly spear-headed the development of outdoor industry by bringing clients that patronized outdoor extensively together to form an associate with the outdoor companies; Afromedia and Railways with name as Outdoors Advertising Contractors of Nigeria (OACAN).

However, during this period, there were other outdoor companies, like Railway Advertisement Service, Nigeria Advertising Service (NAS), Wilmer Publicity Limited, Gilbertson Advertising Limited, Nigeria Commercial and Industries Enterprise Publicity Associates of Nigeria Limited. The first posters printing in Nigeria was done in 1962, by Afromedia. The company was later sold to the Nigeria Management Staff in March, 1974 before it became indigenized. During the period, new outdoors advertisement structures were introduced. Sheet unit in 1979, Jewel machine 1989, Timed in 1990, Rooftop in 1990, Directional Street Signs in 1990.

UAC West Africa publicity limited was set-up in 1928, around 1959 it was splitted into two - Afromedia and Lintas. Outdoor Advertisement Contractor of Nigeria came into being in 1954. The name was changed to Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) in 1986 to reflect both in outlook and practice. Outdoor is the oldest advertising medium in Nigeria, though the print media was few years ahead of outdoor.

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